10 Ways to Take a Breather From Life

I have been crazy busy lately. I’m not even going to begin to give you the to-do list I had for the past couple of weeks.

Now, for the most part, the craziness is over.

During the past several weeks there were many moments where I needed a breather. There were many things on my plate that were stressful.

I know that I couldn’t make the stressful things go away, but I could take moments to breathe and regroup.

Here are 10 ways that help me to take a breather from life:

  1. Get off of social media. Take a break from all of the craziness that comes along with Facebook, Instagram, or any kind of social media.
  2. Read a book. This is one of my favorite ways to just check out of the world and get lost somewhere. There are an infinite number of places to lose yourself.
  3. Watch a tv show or a movie. Let’s be real. This just had to make the list. We all enjoy a good break on the couch to watch our favorite shows.
  4. Try yoga. This has been really helpful for me lately. I wasn’t a fan at first, but I have really come to enjoy that quiet, personal time I get when I’m stretching.
  5. Meditate. This word may have a different meaning to everyone. For me it means turning on my diffuser with my favorite essential oils, getting a thunderstorm rolling on my Rain Rain app, and just laying in bed.
  6. Write. Write in your journal. Write a letter. Write a blog post. Just write something, and write until you feel like it’s complete.
  7. Listen to music. Music is something we can almost always relate to. I love putting a song or playlist on repeat and just feel the music.
  8. Call a friend. One thing I love about talking to my friends is we always end up laughing. It leaves me feeling happy and refreshed.
  9. Do some service. Helping others is a great way to forget the world.
  10. Play a game. It’s so easy to get lost in a good game. I have this game that I just love. I can literally sit and play for hours.

What are things that you do to take a break? Do any of these things help you?

Today I Choose Joy

I’ve noticed increasing amounts of negativity in the media lately. It seems like there is so much more negativity in the world. If it’s not blasted on the tv, it’s on everyone’s Facebook news feed. It’s creeping into our lives slowly and unnoticed.

How have we neglected to see the lack of joy and happiness in our world? Why are we not more positive and uplifting? Why are we not choosing to have more joy?

I’ve decided that I’m not going to waste my time with so many negative things in this world. I want to use my time for things that are going to make me happy, and you can too. Start now! 

Maybe that means getting on Facebook less or unfollowing someone so that you don’t see their updates on your news feed. You might read a book that fills you with serenity instead of a gossip filled magazine. Try following a blogger or a Pinterest board with regular, positive quotes. Find someway to add just a little more joy to your life every day.

“So we have a choice. On the one hand, there is the opinion of the world with its ever-changing theories and questionable motives. On the other hand, there is God’s word to His children—His eternal wisdom, His certain promises, and His loving instructions for returning to His presence in glory, love, and majesty.

The choice is yours!” (Dieter F. Uchtdorf)


Start with something small and stick with it. You’ll slowly begin to notice an increase of happiness and an increase in gratitude. Once you begin to notice a chance you’ll want to allow room for even more happiness.

Need somewhere simple to start? Check out Lauren’s blog, “What Lauren Did Today,” to find some uplifting and inspiring iphone wallpapers. I happened across her post a couple day ago and thought it was perfect to share!


Take a minute to think about what changes you could make in your life to bring you more joy, and start today!
What brings you joy? What can you do to bring more joy to your life?



Begin Again

Pinterest has this bad habit of giving me “bright ideas” to try. This blog is a result of the last idea taken from my Pinterest news feed.

You know how one pin leads you to another, and then another? Well I’ve been following a blog pins trail all across Pinterest for the past couple of weeks, and I still feel like I know very little about running a blog. I have read through so many posts by fellow bloggers about domains, post topics, tips on getting started, how to get followers, shareable content, and a million other related topics. I’ve spend all of my free time researching, trying to feel like I’ve got a better idea of how to run a blog. But, I only feel more overwhelmed!

I have so many pins and so many lists!

I’m not sure that any one way will work for everyone. I think you just have to jump in and learn as you go.

That is not something I like to hear. I am a planner, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve learned that planning everything out isn’t going to help. So, as much as I hate to post before I have my blog “finished,” I’m going to post anyway. I want this blog to not just be a place where I can share myself, but where I can free myself. So, this is me being free.